Connecting Private Equity firms and Corporate Buyers to private companies


Finquest is the premier big data and AI company focused on identifying and connecting its clients with relevant off-market acquisition and investment opportunities across the globe.

With a unique company database constantly updated and enhanced through a broad-spectrum implementation of crawlers and AI, Finquest provides targeted, curated and actionable introductions to its clients in the private company space.

With Finquest, clients can broaden their market access, whilst maintaining complete confidentiality throughout the process.



Finquest helps private equity investors seek out highly targeted direct investment and acquisition opportunities in the private company space across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We work with private equity firms on their add-ons for portfolio companies, primary sourcing and platform investments, as well as pre IC buy-and-build market mapping needs.



Finquest helps corporate buyers seek out highly targeted direct investment and acquisition opportunities in the private company space across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We work with corporate buyers firms on their inorganic growth and joint-ventures/mergers needs.



Finquest helps CEOs of mid-sized companies get connected with targeted institutional investors for their fundraising, and exit needs.




Your identity is kept confidential throughout the process.


Detailed understanding of your search criteria



Leveraging our big data, AI & team of experts.



Further refining of the relevant universe of targets, and share the longlist.



Reach out to all targets, collect information & connect you with relevant targets.



Concise bottom-up market feedback.




Your data and deal information are not visible to anyone. Your identity is not revealed to any potential targets until you agree to be introduced.


Your data is encrypted and hosted in highly secured data centres. You may activate a double authentication when accessing your account. Finquest is GDPR compliant.


Featured Articles
Simon JonesSimon JonesDirector, Omers Private Equity
Our pre-process bolt-on M&A analysis with Finquest was a valuable tool in improving our positioning within a competitive process. Not only did it give us confidence in the scale of the M&A opportunity for the target but also credentialised us with the management team, as there was both significant overlap between our analysis and their pipeline, as well as targets they were unaware of. Certainly something we will repeat for future buy-and-build opportunities.
Richard Skimin Richard Skimin Head of M&A and Strategy, NewsCorp
It is fascinating to meet a business that is solving one of the most complex challenges. When looking at identifying potential targets, consultants can be slow and theoretical, Finquest are fast and practical, we received high quality, targeted introductions very quickly.
Antony WoodsAntony WoodsGroup Head of Acquistions, ERM
ERM are pleased we made the decision to engage Finquest for a North American acquisition search. We were particularly impressed by the quality, hit rate and results of the outreach phase. Despite ERM’s search being focused on mid-market companies across North America during the time of COVID, Finquest’s origination team provided warm and highly qualified introductions to many actionable targets, successfully introducing ERM to owners and decision makers. The outcome of this first project led us to mandate Finquest for two additional searches, one in Europe and one in APAC.
Marc FrappierMarc FrappierManaging Partner & Head, Eurazeo Capital
As an active investor looking to accelerate through acquisitions the growth of our portfolio companies, we turned to Finquest to look for build-up opportunities in Asia, North America and Europe. The Finquest team gets the job done in just a few weeks and introduces us to companies that investment banks or advisors would not be able to identify. We have already completed several acquisitions and we are looking forward to an active collaboration in 2021.
Justin Crotty Justin Crotty Chief Operating Officer, Anaqua
When we were first introduced to Finquest, we found their approach to deal sourcing promising, but were initially unsure about their ability to uncover any relevant targets unknown to us given our in-depth knowledge of our sector. The success of this project would be down to them getting us actionable targets that fit our strict criteria, which they did. 5 months post Finquest’s completion of their search for us, I am delighted to share that Finquest helped us better discover the missing puzzle piece that led to our recent acquisition of Actio IP, a company quietly developing very impressive technology that complements our existing core capabilities.
Simon KontnySimon KontnyHead of Mergers and Acquisitions, CeramTec
We were intrigued by the novelty of Finquest’s approach to deal sourcing and mandated them for a North American and European search in 2020. I am pleased to say that the search results and resulting conversations exceeded our expectations. We are certainly considering using their services again in future search endeavours. A number of things stood out compared to using traditional external M&A resources – their speed of execution, the universe of targets they identified, and the depth of information gathered during the curation phase, greatly speeding up our own evaluation process. The team was highly professional, developed a deep understanding of our strategic agenda and guided us every step of the way.I highly recommend Finquest to Corporate M&A Teams as well as financial investors interested in active deal origination.
Audrey LY KY Audrey LY KY CFO Growing Markets and M&A Director, Expleo
We are a repeat customer of Finquest as we have found their offering to be particularly valuable for mapping out the smaller end of the market (as most large targets would typically be known to us), or countries not usually covered by M&A banks. They not only identified all the ones we would have expected them to, but more importantly uncovered targets unknown to us. Their team is very helpful, proactive and diligent – a pleasure to work with.
Tom Corcoran Tom Corcoran Vice President Food & Nutrition, Brenntag
We engaged with Finquest on a global project to identify acquisition targets for one of our industry verticals. We were impressed with the quality of the potential targets. The Finquest team not only provided us a high-quality list of targets, but worked closely with us during our evaluation process, and then made connection with the target companies senior level decision makers. The Finquest team was easy to work with, flexible and a pleasure to deal with.
Bertran Giraud Bertran Giraud Corporate Development Director, Isagri
Having always used traditional avenues to identify M&A opportunities, the decision to proceed with Finquest wasn’t one that we took lightly. With our 1st project now completed, we are delighted we took the “chance” to try them. The experience was seamless from the first kick-off call during which the team not only had an existing solid knowledge of our industry but also went in great details into our specific needs, all the way to mapping targets unknown to us, and finally to highly qualified introductions. We are now exploring using them for a 2nd search in another region.
David BuckleyDavid BuckleyChief Executive Officer, Sr group
When we first hired Finquest, the value of their data and AI was intuitive, whilst the outreach to CEOs somehow was less obvious. But I can now confidently say that not only does the data and AI allow Finquest to comprehensively map a sector quickly and identify the right type of targets, the outreach was also phenomenal.Finquest established a solid connection with the business owners, setting up a favourable environment for us to hold meaningful conversations with these US companies. The granularity of information gathered, including details about the companies and market intel was very impressive and as a result, we are in conversation with several highly relevant targets.The outreach stage surpassed our expectations and on the back of this experience, we wouldn’t hesitate to re-engage with Finquest for any future similar projects.
David WillichDavid WillichManager M&A/Transactions, Steag
As one of the world’s leading service providers for power assets with projects in more than 80 countries, we had searched the mid-market landscape of our industry with different approaches. We were intrigued by Finquest’s value proposition and mandated Finquest for a search across Europe and Asia-Pacific. Finquest not only mapped out a wide universe of companies in both target regions, but successfully connected us to many of them. In addition to speaking to interested and relevant companies we did not know, this exercise also enabled us to have a greater understanding of the competitor landscape, as well as provided us in a short timeframe with a basis to assess companies we had not identified via our own deal source channels.We are happy to say we are a repeat client of Finquest and would recommend their services to any M&A team looking to source off-market investment opportunities.
Niall MacNamaraNiall MacNamaraHead of Acquisitions, Mayborn
Having worked with the Finquest team on a North America project, a few things really stood out. Their approach is much faster than traditional advisors and their ability to quickly identify a much wider universe of small to medium sized businesses that weren't on our radar is incredibly impressive.This, complemented with a knowledgeable and professional team, enabled us to successfully accelerate our acquisitions pipeline in North America and made it an easy decision to work with them on an additional project in Europe.
Gianbeppi FortisGianbeppi FortisCEO, Solution30
We have been working with Finquest for over a year and have completed several projects across Europe. As a leading European technology service provider, we are continuously looking to strengthen our service delivery capabilities, and M&A forms an important part of this strategy.What stood out with Finquest was their ability to understand our business and our M&A objectives, and to promptly find off-market acquisition targets. From the mapping stage through to the outreach, the Finquest team was proactive, very pleasant to work with, and professional. The information they were able to get from the CEO conversations was really good and we are now in advanced discussions with several of the companies they introduced, one of which we already acquired. As we look to 2021, I can confidently say that we shall call on Finquest to work on more projects with us.
Clare BattellinoClare BattellinoChief Financial Officer, I-MED
I highly recommend working with the Finquest team. They quickly scanned the markets we were interested in, efficiently curated the targets and provided introductions to high quality players. A traditional investment bank or consulting process would never have been able to deliver this outcome given the fragmented and private nature of the market and targets we are interested in. And the team was a pleasure to deal with.
Bruno FritschBruno FritschManaging Director, Wendel
We hired Finquest on a divestment project for a mid-market company. We asked them to identify and connect us with potential buyers worldwide. We could not hope for a better outcome. Their coverage is great; they were able to connect us with potential buyers that we had not heard of before, several of whom ended up in the short list of selected final firm bidders. Their speed of execution is unmatched, and I don’t know of any investment bank or service provider capable of matching what Finquest did. It is worth every dollar we spent.