Finquest helps you identify suitable investors for your fundraising, and/or acquirers to prepare for your partial/total exit. At Finquest, we effectively connect mid-sized companies to potential investors and, strategic buyers across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific


When it comes to fuelling growth, mid-sized companies often see the need to look beyond the banking sector when sourcing external financing. Securing equity financing often requires access to different investor types such as private equity funds, family offices, investment holdings and strategic acquirers.

Finquest has an unparalleled global access to a wide range of investors who can help entrepreneurs and CEOs raise capital and reach their goals.


Entrepreneurs and business owners seek partial, progressive, or total exits for reasons that can include succession planning, retirement, or industry dynamics that favour local or regional consolidation.

Through Finquest, CEOs and business owners of mid-sized companies can connect with financial investors and strategic buyers through curated and confidential introductions.