Finquest is delighted to be launching a pro-bono initiative, aimed at helping companies raise funds and secure strategic partnerships in these exceptional times. We're focusing on helping companies with a clear intention to have a positive humanitarian, social or environmental impact. In today's landscape, this could be by focusing on initiatives such as ESG, fighting Covid-19 on the front line, or similar.  If that is your company and you're looking for funding or strategic partnerships, Finquest is ready to use its unique database to map a landscape of potential investors and partners and make relevant connections for worthy businesses.


  • Growth capital to be raised: USD5-50m
  • Industry: Any
  • Geography: Any
  • Ingrained in the company’s DNA, a clear intention to have positive humanitarian, social or environmental impact, including, but not limited to:
    – Fighting Covid-19
    – Education, especially distance learning
    – Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
    – Green buildings
    – CleanTech
    – Human rights support
    – Responsible use of natural resources
    – Waste and water management
    – Sustainable forestry and agriculture
    – Rural support services
    – Community development
    – Affordable housing, sanitation, etc
    – New and affordable medical devices, healthcare service or product
    – Sustainable medical research
  • Stage: A first institutional investor is already involved and / or more than 1m USD revenue
  • Company needs to be for profit

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Humanitarian, Social & Environmental Impact

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