We are offering pro bono investor sourcing service to assist companies to raise funds. Every quarter, we assist one organisation to source for companies or investors that may consider providing you with the funding you need. To be entitled to this, companies must meet our stringent criteria as follows:


  • Geographical location: Asia Pacific
  • Growth capital to be raised: USD5-200m
  • Industry: Any
  • Ingrained in the company’s DNA, a clear intention to have positive social or environmental impact
  • Social and environmental impact initiatives covered, but not limited to are:
    – Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
    – Green buildings
    – CleanTech
    – Human rights support
    – Responsible use of natural resources
    – Waste and water management
    – Sustainable forestry and agriculture
    – Rural support services
    – Community development
    – Affordable housing, sanitation, etc
    – New and affordable medical devices, healthcare service or product
    – Sustainable medical research
  • Stage: A first institutional investor is already involved and / or more than 1m USD revenue
  • Company needs to be for profit

If you are interested to submit an application, please click here