Deal Sourcing

Why do you need a new
deal sourcing formula?

The situation at hand

  • Internal bias

    Sourcing deals through internal networks and referrals limits your ability to have the widest angle on the market. 

    When it comes to deal sourcing we believe “What you know” is more important than “Who you know”. We have the data to identify the right opportunities and secure the right deals. 

  • Sell-side auctions

    With multiple buyers bidding on the same opportunity, the chances of securing the right deal at acceptable terms are low. 

    At Finquest, we help you build a reverse “buy-side” auction, and put the negotiating power firmly in your hands.

  • Buy-side deals

    Advisors will do their best to get you to a transaction. But without wider access to data, you’ll never know if it’s the best deal for you – or whether the market has more to offer.

    Finquest opens up a whole new world of investing. Our data helps uncover opportunities others can’t see.

  • Existing data

    Working with the same data as all the other players won’t give you a competitive edge.

    Using our unique data, Finquest can build you a comprehensive, proprietary deal pipeline that matches your specific investment criteria.

Decoding the
Finquest formula

Data AI

Data with intent

Our data stats
& what they
mean for you


Searchable companies

Get the most comprehensive view of the market when you search against 115m+ companies with revenues over $250k



Our data spans the 4 continents that are the top destinations for midmarket M&A: North America, LATAM, Europe and Asia/Pacific


Probability Weighted

Probability-weighting every datapoint makes our data even more searchable, which allows us to uncover even more relevant opportunities

  • The quality and pertinence of the long list of 1,000+ targets was strong, as it included targets we knew based on our extensive knowledge of the sector in some markets, but also a substantial number of relevant targets unknown to us
    Guillaume Veber ​
    Associate Director​
    IK Partners
  • Finquest did a great job in understanding what we were looking for, and accordingly identified and introduced us to relevant niche targets, which were unknown to us at the start. We also learned a lot about that particular market, which proved helpful for fine-tuning our strategy.​

    Thanks to their robots and AI, and their great professionalism, Finquest’s business mapping was fast and excellent. I 100% recommend Finquest.
    Jean-Daniel Lebon
    Renewables Director​
  • Their approach is much faster than traditional advisors and their ability to quickly identify a much wider universe of small to medium sized businesses that weren't on our radar is incredibly impressive. ​
    Niall MacNamara
    Head of Acquisitions​

Our data is best in class,
our people activate it.

We ask the
right questions

Our team members initiate tens of thousands of conversations with CEOs, founders, and decision-makers every year. They’re adept at drawing out the key “behind the scenes” insights that help our clients make informed decisions.

by nature

We’re a global company, with employees from 24 different nationalities across 9 offices. This allows us to connect and build rapport with businesses from all over the world and create warm introductions for our clients.

Tech at
our core

At Finquest, people and technology work seamlessly together, resulting in the largest number of high-quality proprietary introductions available anywhere.

  • They made nearly 60 introductions to founders and CEOs of companies unknown to us
    Stefan Hiscock
    SVP Corporate Development
  • The Finquest project team quickly became versed in our market and the type of targets that would possibly fit our strategy. Not only were we impressed by the sheer number of available targets (600+) they were able to deliver after the first screen, but the quality of the leads and selected curated introductions were spot on – many of whom we are in advanced discussions with.​
    Gregory Slack
    Global Head of Corporate Development
  • Finquest communicated their role and intentions very well and set the stage for a mutually beneficially conversation with a prospective buyer of our brand.
    Kim Strong & Jamye Baker
    Jamberly Group, Inc.
  • What stood out with Finquest was their ability to understand our business and our M&A objectives, and to promptly find off-market acquisition targets. From the mapping stage through to the outreach, the Finquest team was proactive, very pleasant to work with, and professional. The information they were able to get from the CEO conversations was really good and we are now in advanced discussions with several of the companies they introduced, one of which we already acquired.
    Gianbeppi Fortis
  • I could not be more impressed with how perfect the match was, I didn't even know that company existed before Finquest introduced us. This 1+1=10 match they found for us is going to significantly propel our two businesses into the future. The Deal Origination team has been awesome to work with and we wouldn't have found this opportunity without them and Finquest.
    Anonymous Target
    Founder & CEO

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