Deal sourcing relies heavily on intermediated pre-packaged sell-side driven deals, a well as proprietary network. Finquest enables private equity firms to take control of their investment pipeline by leveraging the power of big data and AI to identify and connect private equity firms to off-market private companies.


Buy-and-build strategies (or Build-ups) are currently a key value creation driver – if not the most powerful one – in Private Equity. The difference between Standalone and Buy-and-build is simple: +8.5 points IRR (source: HHL-BCG research). Due to lack of widely available data and fragmented market access, mid-sized companies are still relatively untapped as acquisition targets.

Finquest helps Private Equity funds and their portfolio companies identify and connect with off-market build-up opportunities across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.


It is a given that success in Private Equity is driven by deal sourcing quality and exclusivity. Although the “best” proprietary deals come through the network, they may remain somewhat random in terms of timing, and limited. When exploring a new investment thesis, the hidden costs and time required to identify and approach target companies are daunting and inefficient.

With a clear understanding of your investment thesis, Finquest locates and connects you with C-suite executives of relevant mid-sized private companies looking for growth capital.


When preparing for an exit, qualifying potential buyers and building connections with Strategics or Institutional Investors beyond one’s natural network can be a key driver of value maximisation.

Finquest identifies and connects you to potential Strategic buyers (beyond the obvious candidates) as well as to Institutional Investors (PE Funds, Investment Holdings, Family Offices…) who have an interest in your industry.