Finquest Day – a Rare Tradition of Reflection, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation

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  • 17 June 2024


At Finquest, our belief in the power of R&R on your mental health is not just pretty words, it’s action. Every year since the Pandemic (which threw the hold world into a tailspin), we have held our annual tradition known as “Finquest Day” – a day when the entire company powers down. No emails. No calls. No messages. Everyone is off and can relax knowing there’s nothing they are missing. The feeling is akin to the 1st of January, a public holiday when most businesses are offline, and just like that, the Finquest Day is paid time off, separate from our annual leave. But unlike that day, all our out-of-office messages point to Management. Where have you ever seen that?  

Now in its 5th year, this initiative has become a cherished occasion for our team. 

Switching off from work in a very real way is so important to your mental health. The Finquest day is especially powerful for the teams because it is in addition to your annual leave, meaning it is a true reset opportunity halfway through the year.”

Ellis Sullivan – Manager, Origination Team

For Dao Li, Manager of our Data & AI teams, the Finquest Day is an opportunity to reflect: “It feels great when we achieve our goals as a team, but it feels even better to celebrate our achievements with family and friends. The reasons for doing it are as potent today as during the COVID-19 pandemic when the need for a true break was more critical than ever. It offered an opportunity to truly disconnect, and it does so again every year by actively encouraging the team to disconnect and focus on things in our private lives in a way not as possible regularly. It helps the team come back to work stronger and more productive”.  

Binu Sam, who has recently joined the team as Head of India Operations, said that he’d never seen anything like it in his 20+ years in operational roles and was pleasantly surprised by the genuine implementation of this initiative: “Some big IT and BPO companies do have a day allocated, but more so just on paper, with little or no genuine effort taken to create an impact. It’s truly refreshing to see such a commitment to the team”.   

Working in a client-centric organisation with internal teams and clients across three continents means there is never really a day off, even when it's a holiday in your jurisdiction. It is great to have one holiday when you can truly feel free from checking messages or worrying that something is needed urgently halfway across the world.”

Aryanish Kapadia, Client Director

The Finquest Day is more than just a day off – it’s a testament to our values and commitment to our employees’ well-being. As we continue to grow and achieve new milestones, Finquest Day remains a cornerstone of our culture, reminding us of the importance of taking time to recharge, reflect, and reconnect with what truly matters – so we can bring our best selves to our colleagues.  

Tanguy Lesselin, CEO & Co-Founder puts it well saying “Among all the initiatives that Finquest implemented during and post-Covid, the Finquest Day stands out. It is a yearly reminder of how beneficial it is to disconnect. This day is sheer pleasure for all of us, but even more importantly, it is a reflection and a realization of the importance of maintaining a sound mind every day of the year.” 

Here’s to another successful Finquest Day, and many more to come.  

Finquest day shows me that leadership can think outside the box when it comes to employee engagement and satisfaction. This will be my first Finquest Day as a parent so it will look slightly different to previous years, but if anything is even more welcome. ”

Tom Bower-Nielsen, Client Director