Inspiring Women In Tech: Meet Nina Caushi, Data Engineer at Finquest

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  • 13 February 2024

Urvashi Urmani

Science, data, and technology are central to Finquest’s success and diversity is one of our core tenets. So we want to celebrate International Women in Science Day (February 11, 2024) by recognizing the vital role that women and girls play in science and technology communities, and the barriers they face to access and participate in these fields.

At Finquest, we’re proud to have a diverse and talented team of data engineers who work hard to deliver the best results for our clients. One is Nina Caushi, who joined us in 2021 as a data engineer.

Nina has a wealth of experience and education in data analysis, information and computer sciences, and electrical and computer engineering. She has worked with prestigious institutions such as KPMG and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust. She is also a polyglot who speaks several languages, including Albanian, her native tongue.

Nina is not only a brilliant data engineer, but also a compassionate person who cares about animal welfare, education, and human rights. In this article, we will learn more about her story, achievements, and challenges as a woman in tech.

How did you get into data engineering and what inspired you to pursue a career in this field?

Since high school, I have always been drawn to exact sciences and enjoyed studying mathematics, physics, and statistics. So I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in electrical and computer engineering. At university, I started to learn more about computer science and programming. During my master’s thesis, I enjoyed the exposure to real-world applications dealing with financial data. That, coupled with my analytical and problem-solving personality, made me realize my interest in using cutting-edge technology to analyze and extract valuable insights from data. The career – and learning – opportunities within this field are endless.

What are some of the achievements you’re most proud of in your career, and at Finquest?

I am proud of all the work I have put in throughout the years to be where I am today and never giving up despite the moments when I doubted myself. At Finquest, I am proud of the collaboration and team spirit we have fostered among our offices internationally, as well as the processes we have set in place to improve our data quality.

As a woman in tech, what challenges have you faced in your career, and how have you overcome them?

I consider myself lucky to have had a great support system throughout my studies and career as well as plenty of opportunities. However, one of the main challenges I have had to overcome was building confidence in a male-dominated field. Celebrating small successes has played a crucial role in boosting my self-confidence.

Do you think the presence of women in STEM fields, especially in data science and engineering, impacts the industry? If so, how?

Diversity in any area of life – including gender diversity – brings different perspectives to the table which can lead to unique problem-solving approaches. Women usually have different life experiences to men and can contribute with creative ideas that drive technological advancements. Furthermore, an inclusive workplace promotes positive collaboration which in turn improves processes within the industry.

What advice would you give to young women and girls interested in pursuing a career in data engineering or other STEM fields?

Pursue your interests and embrace the challenges along the way. STEM fields offer endless learning and growth opportunities for people with a curious mindset. I would strongly suggest you build a solid educational foundation by taking challenging courses and extracurricular activities as well as participating to competitions and workshops. Reach out to professionals or peers who can provide support and guidance and do not be afraid to challenge gender stereotypes and biases.

Where do you see the field of data engineering heading in the next few years, and what skills do you think will be most important?

I believe the integration of machine learning and AI into data engineering is becoming more and more important every day. Data governance and security are also crucial for data engineers to comply with data privacy regulations. Cloud services are also continuously growing. Data engineers need to have proficiency in programming languages, cloud platforms as well as big data technologies, ETL processes, and data warehouses.

Can you talk about the importance of mentorship and support systems in your career development? Do you mentor anyone?

Mentors have provided me with crucial guidance throughout my career. Being able to turn to experienced mentors for advice has been instrumental in navigating challenging situations over the years. Learning from their experiences and acquiring hands-on technical skills has been invaluable to my proficiency in the field. A support system has provided me with the tools to believe in myself and persevere.

And yes, I am committed to supporting the next generation of women in tech and have done so by mentoring every new member of the team.

Who are your role models in the tech industry, and how have they inspired you in your career?

My first role model in the industry was my father who encouraged me to follow in his footsteps and pursue engineering. During my studies, I was fortunate to be taught by professors whose expertise and dedication inspired me to continue on this path. In my job, I have worked with colleagues whose work ethic and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in technology motivate me every day.


Nina is one of the many inspiring examples of women who have pursued their passion for science and technology and have contributed to the sustainable development of the world, and Finquest. She is also a leader and a mentor for the next generation of women in STEM, who will continue to shape the future of innovation and creativity. Join us in celebrating Nina and all the women and girls in science who are making a difference every day.

About the author:

Urvashi Urmani is Marketing & Communications Director at Finquest. Prior to Finquest, Urvashi built her career in Financial Data and Analytics, having moved between complementary roles in Marketing, Client Education, as well as Sales and Account Management. This wide experience has equipped Urvashi with unique insight into communicating with financial customers and end users. She is passionate about putting customers at the heart of the business, and is also an advocate for women in leadership, believing strongly in the positive benefits of diversity at the table. Urvashi gained her Masters Degree in Law and Business from Edinburgh University.